Everyone has a role. Everyone has a place. Everyone has gifts. Everyone has a skill. Everyone is invited to the co-creation of a future for generations to come.

The mandate on our lives as believers is to carry out the will of God in the Earth. We are to use every resource, gift, and skill to make our communities and beyond better. Focusing beyond the walls grants us a better opportunity to aid, teach, and reach more. For this purpose, we have been called. For this season, we have been given a greater opportunity.

Areas of Focus

Along with presenting the Gospel, four areas of focus have presented themselves in the community as opportunities to reach and impact people for the Kingdom of God. Those four areas are the following:

  1. Marketplace/Leveraging Relationships
  2. Community Improvement
  3. Social Justice/Direct Action
  4. Strengthening the Family Bond

We have a variety of ways for members to lend their time and talents. Review the brief descriptions of opportunities currently available. Click here to get involved!

Fresh Produce Giveaways at Wesley Church of Hope

Marketplace/Leveraging Relationships

The marketplace can be defined as areas of the community that address economic development or improvement, partnerships, etc.

We strive to be proactive in identifying those whose works, portfolio, and resources speak to the collective mission of our community and congregations. We are establishing strategies and plans to reach more people while promoting effectively to other entities. One of the goals of this regular interaction is to create an Urban Cohort (a group of churches, nonprofits, and for profit entities focused on community empowerment and improvement).

Community Improvement

We constantly assess the deficiencies, needs, and constraints within our community, the “parish where we have been planted”. We engage in active conversations with those in the area to identify the real needs of the people not just the assumed ones.

  • Fresh Produce Giveaways – We partner with the Southside Community Ministries Food Pantry and the Mid Ohio Food Collective to help feed hungry souls in the community. Volunteers will help distribute fresh produce in the community on the 2nd Saturday of each month from May – October from 9am – 12pm.
HopeFest 2019

Strengthening the Family Bond

  • Family Movie Nights – The 2022 Movie Series in the Drive-In format begins June through September. Volunteers are needed for set up/clean up, and concessions.
  • Adopt-A-Stop – We have partnered with COTA to adopt Stop #2139. Volunteers are needed to empty and replace the trash can liner weekly. Gloves and liners are provided.
Social Justice and Direct Action

Social Justice/Direct Action

Many people would assume that politics should not be a church issue. Yet, Jesus’ very nature was political because he stood against anything that was to the detriment of the disenfranchised.

Historically, the Black church has been at the forefront of change in our country and beyond. We took seriously the mandate of Micah 6:8 (do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God). We must be clear that we are not about endorsement of candidates. However, we take the stand to make certain that the basic human rights of people are always respected, enhanced, and understood.

The church is called to speak truth to power and live
prophetically in every aspect of living. We must advocate for just voting laws, proper execution of basic civil and human rights, community safety, etc. We frame our work not just around information, but effective action.

Putting God's Love in Action - Wesley Church of Hope UMC

Worship Ministries

  • Vocal and Instrumental Music Ministry
  • Liturgical Dance
  • Digital Ministry – Filming and editing live broadcasts and events
  • Social Media Ministry – Like, comment and share posts about God’s grace and love on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Nurture & Care Ministries

  • Hospitality & New Member Introductions – We are seeking additional individuals to serve and exude hospitality to visitors and new members.

Church Administration

  • Sunday Morning Counters – We are looking to expand our team of church leaders.

Leadership Team

  • Assistant Treasurer – This role is responsible for paying monthly church receivables and financial reporting.

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