Life isn’t perfect.
But when we open ourselves to God’s love, we find hope, faith and joy.

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Family Movie Night

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The Power of Prayer

Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship with God

Use these methods to strengthen your relationship with God:

  • Pray  Speak and listen to God. Ask for his continued guidance and protection over your life.
  • Read  Make a plan to read the Bible daily.  It brings you into contact with God’s story. Reading other spiritually-based books also provides nourishment for the soul.
  • Do good for someone else  Find opportunities to share God’s love through your actions towards others.
  • Stay connected  Be inspired by the stories of other Christians and in witnessing the acts of God in their lives.  Attend in-person worship, online worship services and weekly Bible study sessions.

Ways to Serve

Discover your purpose and ways to use with your gifts, talents, and time.

Developing Servant Leaders

We are developing servant leaders in our congregation and community.  You're invited to participate in our ministries and outreach.  Check out the many ways to serve.



New Member Confirmation Class

Discover ways to enhance your faith journey.  Work independently at your own pace, or join live Zoom sessions for discussions and Christian education.

Enroll in our online confirmation class as an introduction to the church, our Christian faith and values.

This online learning series is ideal for new Christians, new members, and youth who are ready for confirmation in the United Methodist Church.


Support our ministries

Give tithes, offerings and gifts of support securely online.

Community Improvement

Southside Hope’s mission is to leverage relationships, improve the community, and strengthen families.  

Southside Hope

South Side Hope is a non-profit community development corporation that seeks to improve the surrounding community by leveraging relationships and strengthening families.
A growing number of families in our surrounding area are living in poverty. Marion-Franklin was founded in the 1960's by proud people who worked hard, purchased homes and raised their families in the area. Over the years, the generational wealth, stable housing, and strong community once created for families has been replaced by investment properties and short-term tenants. There are abandoned houses throughout the area and property that is occupied, but in need of repair.

South Side Hope helps families focus on and achieve goals that raise them out of poverty. The organization leverages relationships to provide resources for stable housing, physical and mental well-being, financial management, career employment, and training and education in Far South Columbus. Contact South Side Hope to learn more about efforts to improve the community.
South Side Hope helps improve the neighborhood by increasing opportunities for families to move out of poverty, build generational wealth, and stabilize housing while promoting long-term residency in Far South Columbus.

South Side Hope is an advocate for affordable, safe homes and rentals for families, senior citizens and veterans. We partner with local businesses, government agencies and other non-profits to improve the community.
South Side Hope offers free programs and workshops designed to help families reach goals, build generational wealth, and improve the community. Visit to register for an upcoming free workshop.

We are looking for passionate individuals to join our leadership and volunteer teams. Contact us to learn more.

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