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New Christian and Confirmation Class introduces you to the church, our Christian faith and values.


Welcome to the Fellowship!

Life isn’t perfect. But we believe that when we open ourselves to God’s love, we find love, faith and joy.  You now have a church home at Wesley Church of Hope, and we are excited to connect with you online and in person.

This learning series is ideal for new Christians, new members, and youth who are ready for confirmation in the United Methodist Church.

The course spans 5 weeks and includes five 1-hour zoom sessions to introduce course material, answer questions, and review. Participants also have the option to work independently at their own pace and watch replays of previously recorded zoom sessions.

A special message from the Pastor.

What Will I Learn?

  • About our church, Christian faith and values.
  • Ways to serve and show God's love.
  • Your gifts from God and His leading in your life.
  • How to be a disciple and witness of God's grace.

Topics for this course

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Church History?

A brief history of Wesley Church of Hope and the United Methodist Church.

Methodist Traditions?

The Christian calendar and Holy holidays marking the birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ.

The Bible?

Both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible serve as sources of primary guidance for our faith.


The United Methodist Church recognizes two sacraments – baptism and communion.

Starting Points?

When you need encouragement and refreshment for your soul, turn to these Scriptures and topics.

Your Personal Spiritual Gifts?

While all of life is a gift from God, these twenty gifts are lifted up within Scripture as the gifts of the Spirit, given specifically for the upbuilding of the body of Christ.


Discipleship involves a ministry of outreaching love and witness to others concerning Christ and God’s grace.

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